The Simplest Music Notation

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The Western music notation is considered as the standard music notation of the world. However, it is not perfect. It is complicated. This site was created to bring awareness to the world by showing this newest and simplest music notation : "3JCNGUYEN MUSIC NOTATION" or "3JCN" for short.

- 3JCN uses direct method to describe notes and rests. 3JCN shows note's name and note's duration directly. For example, note "c64" represents note "c6" or "6c" (middle C ) and its duration is "4" units. (In 3JCN notation, 6th octave is the middle octave, not 4th octave as in Western notation).

- Western uses indirect method to describe notes and rests (Note's name depends on position of note on staff and type of clef. Note's duration depends on the shape and color of the note as shown in the following pictures.)

It's clear that: 3JCN music notation is simpler than Western music notation:

By 3JCN default, we don't need to write superscript "6" on notes of the middle octave. Then the "TWINKLE, TWINKLE" song in 3JCN notation is much more simpler than in Western notation.